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J.F. Brown Law Firm - About The Firm: J.F. Brown Law Firm is an Arizona DUI and criminal defense firm serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area. We specialize in Arizona drunk driving, driving under the influence (DUI) and Driving while impaired (DWI) defense and accident cases in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and surrounding areas.

Attorney Profile - Jay F. Brown : Mr. Brown devotes himself to criminal and DUI defense and aggressively defends clients faced with serious misdemeanor and felony charges. Mr. Brown is specially trained in the areas of Toxicology, Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Drug Recognition Evaluation and field sobriety testing and attends frequent seminars to maintain his expertise in these fields.

Choosing A Lawyer: Jay F. Brown will give you an honest assessment of your case. When meeting with an attorney at this firm, what you are told by an attorney depends on what you tell us in the form of details about the case and yourself. The Pillars of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Can Help: Jay F. Brown, as an attorney can help with the outcome of a criminal case, and a criminal defense attorney who has specialize knowledge in DUIs can increase your chances for a favorable result given that every DUI case is unique with each ultimately turns on its own particular facts.

Certified DUI Attorney Arizona : Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Certification, Borkenstein Alcohol Cetification, Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE) Preliminary Training, Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE) Certification, Borkenstein Drugs, National College of District Attorneys (NCDA) - Prosecuting Drug Cases, DPS Accident & Collision Investigation, National District Attorneys Association, National College of District Attorneys - Forensic Evidence, USCG Certification.

Possible DUI Defenses: Successfully defending against a DUI charge depends on first recognizing that many cases can have potential defenses to the DUI charges.

DUI Stops & FSTs (Field Sobriety Tests): There are field sobriety tests (FSTs) and a portable breath test (PBT) device that police officers usually use to gathering evidence against you for a DUI charge. Field Sobriety Test Guildines.

Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE) Test: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has compiled a training manual for all DRE training where the training requires that all 12 steps be performed according to NHTSA training manual. DRE Test Checklist

Breath Test Machines: When a person drinks alcohol it shows up in the breath because it gets absorbed from the mouth, stomach and intestines into the bloodstream. As the blood goes through the lungs, some of the alcohol moves across the membranes of the lung's air sacs called the alveoli, into the air as the alcohol evaporates as a volatile.

Blood Test Issuses: In order to draw blood the person who actually draws the blood from a person arrested for DUI must be qualified to do blood draws. This person performing the blood draw properly clean the skin before the needle was inserted as if isopropyl alcohol to clean the site could contaminate the blood sample. Given the time most DUI stops take place it is not unusual for a police officer to be the one to draw the blood from your arm who has been sent to courses to become a phlebotomists.

Areas of Practice - Jay F. Brown DUI Attorney: In Arizona, vehicular charges vary from a simple traffic violation to vehicular homicide. The range of possible punishment to a person can range from a simple fine to prison for these charges. J.F. Brown Law Firm represents Personal Injury, Drunk Driving Charges & Criminal Defense Cases in Arizona.

Arizona Drug Charge: In Arizona, drug charges vary from possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia for personal use to dangerous drugs for sale or manufacture of drugs. The range of punishment for drug charges depends on the type of drug, quantity and intended purpose, for example - for sale.

Domestic Violence Lawyer: A crime may fall under the "domestic violence" if you have or had a relationship with the allege victim from simple disorderly conduct to felony assault. Also, this can also occur form even a simple violation such as a phone call while and order of protection is in effect.

Probation Violation Attorney Phoenix Area: If you have been sentenced and are placed on probation, you are expected to comply with all terms of your probation (i.e., be law abiding, appear for all meetings, not to drink alcohol, etc.) otherwise the Adult Probation Officer can file a "Petition to Revoke Probation," pursuant to 17A, Rules of Crim.Proc., Rule 27, et al., which could lead to a "Warrant" for an arrest.

Property Crime Charges Arizona Lawyer: In Arizona, property charges occur when a person engages in conduct involving a structure that is owned by another person. The range of possible punishment is dependant on what severity of loss to the other person.

Theft Crime Cases Arizona Laws: In Arizona, theft charges vary from computer tampering, forgery, robbery, or shoplifting. The range of punishment for theft charges depends the severity of the charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help your case.

Against People Crimes - Attorney Jay F. Brown: In Arizona, interaction between people can result in charges that can vary from a verbal altercation to a homicide. The range of possible punishment for these charges can be from a fine to prison.

Accomplice Charges - Phoenix Lawyer J.F. Brown Law Firm: In Arizona, preparatory charges occur when a person engages in conduct intended to aid another; commands, encourages, requests or solicits another person to engage in specific conduct; intents to promote or aid the commission of an offense; or provides the other person with means or opportunity to commit an offense. The range of possible punishment is dependant on what the underlying charge, for example - theft or assault.

Case Stages - Arizona Legal Process: Cases in Arizona go through a complex legal process of several different case stages. An experienced attorney can help help you through this intimidating process.
Pre-Charge Cases, Charge Type, Initiating Charges, Initial Appearance, Release Conditions, Preliminary Hearing, Arraignment, Pre-Trial Conference, Plea Agreement, Trial, Appeal, Sentence Modification, Early Termination of Probation, Probation Violation, Restoration of Rights, Extradition, Forfeiture, Juvenile Cases.

Client Cases - DUI Case Testimonials: Dear Jay, I highly appreciate the legal advice during this difficult time. It helped me to maintain some peace of mind. I appreciate your patience. I will be happy to make recommendations. -MW

DUI Case Results - Phoenix Drunk Driving Lawyer: Case results from Arizona court cases represented by Jay F. Brown DUI Attorney.

General Legal FAQ - Guy 4 DUI: Being accused of having committed a crime can be a very stressful experience and more so for those with little or no experience with the criminal justice process which naturally leads to many questions. Please find below some general answers to regular questions concerning a criminal case.

DUI Frequently Asked Questions - Phoenix DUI Lawyer: Questions about DUI charges in Arizona such as: Can I represent myself?, What can an attorney do for me?.

MVD Process - Vehicular Charges: Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) hearings are civil in nature and the hearings are more informal and are decided by an Administrative Law Judge by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not) versus the much higher standard of beyond a reasonable doubt standard in criminal court.

Job Consequences - DUI Charges Arizona: There are many factors at work in the case of the professionals from all walks of life who are accused of crime, it is important to considered what ramifications a conviction can have far beyond the prosecution itself.

DUI Penalty Chart - Drunk Driving Offense Matrix: DUI penalty chart for drunk driving charges in Arizona, developed by Jay F. Brown Attorney.

BAC Chart - Blood Alcohol Level: BAC level compared to number of drinks versus body weight.

DUI Rights - Arizona DUI Laws: Know Your Rights If Stopped For DUI.

Web Links DUI Resources - Drunk Driving Lawyer Phoenix: Web resources for Arizona Drunk Driving Laws.

Contact DUI Lawyer - Jay F. Brown Tempe, AZ: Contact Jay F. Brown for legal representation for DUI & Criminal Defense cases in Arizona.

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